MF provides targeted strategy and analytics advisory to business, government, non-profit and citizen groups, strengthening the design and impact of their business models, development programs and partnerships. While focused on the crusade for social justice and empowerment of vulnerable populations in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and Eastern Europe, we also have an eye to the US market and New York City’s local economic development.

Services: opportunity analysis, business introduction, mapping country networks, social impact assessment, policy recommendations and launch.

Outside Bukava, South Kivu DRC

Outside Bukava, South Kivu DRC

Frontier Market Entry

Understanding end consumer demand in frontier markets informs marketing plans and product design. Most of the world’s leading technology companies lack insights in this area.

Services: opportunity analysis, user experience, business climate advisory, market introduction.

  • Market-entry strategies. Country-level strategies generally drive technology expansion. Services: telecommunications and mobile services market assessments, payment mapping, and market segmentation.
  • Consumer insights. Ultimately, MF’s heart is in the field. Often technology innovations focus on a narrow segment of urban consumers in developing countries, but few reach agricultural communities, where the vast majority of impoverished populations live.  MF’s field associates reside globally in Mozambique, India and Tanzania. Services: Toolkits for mobile services, special focus on women’s issues, pricing strategies more technology services, mobile operator and bank-driven service development. See the “GSMA Women in Agriculture: A Mobile Services Toolkit.” 
Tea Valley, Southern Tanzania

Tea Valley, Southern Tanzania

Growing Sustainable Agricultural Economies

80-90 percent of the world’s poor earn their livelihoods from agriculture, which is why we focus on improving the dynamics of these markets.

Services: value chain assessment, direct advisory to businesses.

  • Value chain assessments/interventions. At the grassroots level, working with farmer groups, agri-businesses, logistics provides and others; focus on direct impact. Services: market survey to drive program design, intervention design, partner identification, action plans.
  • Data-driven analysis. Currently, agricultural programs (e.g. USAID, UN, DFID) are largely based on rapid, interview-based qualitative ‘assessments’; new data collection tools leverage data to design more effective interventions. Services: data to actionable insights, data analytics tool development.
Yangon, Myanmar Mobile Money Agent

Yangon, Myanmar Mobile Money Agent

Advising Governments on Digital & Financial Inclusion

Regional, national and local governments in frontier markets face new challenges and opportunities as technology empowers individuals to access new financial tools such as payments, loans, savings and insurance solutions delivered and managed digitally.

Services: Mapping country payment networks, creating priority action plans for adopting new technologies, assessing cost savings due to e-shift.

  • Advising on national financial inclusion strategies. Advising central banks on financial inclusion strategies, financial education programs, consumer protection, payments monitoring and other issues. Services: facilitating donor and government dialogue and workshops, conceiving savings, loan and insurance products for the under-served, drafting national policies, creating action plans for regulatory issues reform.
  • Troubleshooting threats. New financial networks pose new challenges such as predatory lending, terrorist financing and fraud. Services: assessments of regulatory and security threats, proposing policy and action-based multi-stakeholder solutions.
  • Shifting cash to e-payments. Many benefits are recognized (such as cost, transparency when payments go digital including: government to person bulk social welfare payments, and health worker and government salaries.